A Harvest of Dreams & Embers

A Harvest of Dreams & Embers: A Harvest of Dreams & Embers is book five in the main line of the Eight Kingdoms series. With Macsen a captive, Bran’s understanding of his own power meets its first test. Meanwhile, Myrddin is meddling with mortals…

What the fire has learned, the ashes             will remember… Forever.

From the back cover: For the first time in ten thousand years, Myrddin has what he wants—Kas for his lover again. Now that the Black King is his once more, Myrddin is desperate to make sure he keeps him. The vision that came to him in the Spring madness is beginning to come true, and the terrifying loss at the blank end of that vision drives Myrddin to do anything that might prevent it.

He will even live among mortals for a while. Even help the High King of Britain, Uther Pendragon, win the woman he wants.

While Myrddin plots and Kas worries over him, Macsen and Bran have decided to put their own concerns to rest. Macsen is hungry for Dealla’s life and Bran will no longer deny his lover what he wants. Only Dealla herself still stands in their way. To save herself, and make one last attempt on the Red King’s life, she has forged stolen Summer weapons into golden chains.

With Macsen captive, this time it is Bran who must rescue his lover…but the cost may be too much for him to bear.

Is love really worth any price?

A Harvest of Dreams & Embers  is currently available at Pride Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retailers. Grab your copy today!


A Totally Bound Bestseller

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