First Nights

First NightsBook two of the Alpha & Omega series! This novelette continues from where number two left off – with Stelios, and Niketas…and their bath.

First Nights series update cover


From the back cover: A single day spent in the throes of passion is enough to convince Stelios that his brother’s omega, Niketas, is more than worth keeping around. Stelios may only be Niketas’ other Alpha, but he’s still the only man Niketas has ever had for a lover, and there’s something more than pleasing about teaching him the limits of his own body.

Niketas isn’t concerned with limits – he just wants Stelios. After so long pointlessly lusting after Luka, he’s more than willing to try everything Stelios has to offer him.

Their first nights together will be an exploration of pleasure…and perhaps of something more. They come from different worlds, and it might not be a good idea, but it seems like neither one can keep from getting attached.

First Nights is available exclusively  on Amazon, both alone and as a part of the Alpha & Omega box set!

A Totally Bound Bestseller

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