Otavia In October

Otavia In OctoberBook three of Luka’s Pack! Luka and his pack are still looking for a woman who can handle being Luka’s mate…

Otavia JPG

From the back cover: Otavia is a naturalist—specifically, a specialist in the behavior of wolves and other wild canines. Her studies have been the reigning passion in her life for years, and the rumors of a pack of wolves in the mountains near Athens are surprising. There haven’t been reliable records of wolves so near the city in decades, and Otavia is interested.

When it isn’t just animals she finds, but Luka and his pack of werewolves, it’s time for Otavia to get much closer to the wilderness than she planned.

Otavia in October is available exclusively from Amazon, alone and as part of the Luka’s Pack box set!

A Totally Bound Bestseller

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