Alpha & Omega: The Complete Collection

Alpha & Omega:  The complete box set of Niketas and Stelio! Take one pack omega, one city Alpha, and stir…

Alpha and Omega box set cover 2

From the back cover:  Stelios is a lone Alpha, a city wolf. He spends his days as CEO of the company he built from scratch, and his nights in search of the perfect submissive. He wants an omega, a man who can fulfill both his wolf and human urges.

Niketas is the omega of the pack led by Stelios’ brother, Luka. He’s spent his years happily, except for one thing – secretly, he’s been lusting after Luka, despite knowing his Alpha has no interest in men. When Luka begins looking for a mate and discovers his omega’s infatuation, he decides upon the perfect solution: bring Niketas to Stelios.

Stelios is barely willing to be part of his brother’s experiment, but when the omega turns out to be a stunning, dark haired submissive with no idea what submissive really means, Stelios is caught…and so is Niketas.

~~~Contains BDSM, D/s, Alpha/omega~~~

This collection includes volumes 1 – 5 of the Alpha & Omega series, the complete tale of Stelios and Niketas. The five volumes included in this collection are also available separately as the following titles:

The Other Alpha (Alpha & Omega, Book 1)
First Nights (Alpha & Omega, Book 2)
The Other Omega (Alpha & Omega, Book 3)
The Other Mate (Alpha & Omega, Book 4)
First Christmas (Alpha & Omega, Book 5) 

Alpha & Omega: The Complete Collection is available exclusively from Amazon!

A Totally Bound Bestseller

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