The Other Omega

The Other Omega: Book three of the Alpha & Omega series. Niketas and Stelios seek to intensify their relationship…but will Niketas’ obligations to his pack get in their way?

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From the back cover: Neither Stelios nor Niketas are pleased about the way Niketas’ pack obligations have come between them. As long as Luka continues looking for a mate, Niketas is required to be with him – and, like the rest of his pack, to test the women Luka chooses.

Niketas knows this is an uncomfortable situation, but regardless, it’s something he thinks he has to accept. Stelios may be his lover and his other Alpha, but Luka is the head of his pack. Those bonds are hard to break – for lust…or for love.

For Stelios, the uncomfortable situation might be impossible to live with. His own Alpha nature has always made him possessive – and that’s before he considers his feelings for Niketas in particular. What he wants is to keep Niketas for his own, and share him with no one…or at the very least, to make the omega understand his feelings.

Is the relationship they’ve only just put together already falling apart, even if that’s the last thing either of them wants?

The Other Omega is available exclusively  on Amazon, both alone and as a part of the Alpha & Omega box set!

A Totally Bound Bestseller

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