Anna In August

Anna In AugustBook one of Luka’s Pack! In this first of a series of erotic novelettes, meet Luka and his pack…and Anna, the first woman Luka encounters on his search for a mate.


From the back cover: For Anna, Athens was supposed to be a fun vacation, and a way to find something – or perhaps lose it. She’s tired of her virginity, and tired of not being able to find a man she wants enough to take it, until a chance encounter in the street brings Luka to her attention. He’s not like any other man she’s seen before, but the moment is past before she can even get his name.

Luckily for her, Anna isn’t the only one who noticed someone interesting as they passed by each other. Luka is more than interested – he watches her, and he wants her, encouraged by his pack. He’s come down from his mountain for one reason only: to begin his search for a mate. Innocent Anna, chosen by chance or fate, is the first one Luka wants to taste.

Can Anna stand the attentions of the one she desires…and his pack? Or are a half dozen werewolves too many for one woman to handle?

Anna In August is available exclusively from Amazon, alone and as part of the Luka’s Pack box set!

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