Sophie In September

Sophie In September: Book two of Luka’s Pack! Luka has brought his pack to Santorini, looking for another woman to test. Enter Sophie!

Sophie JPEG

From the back cover: Another full moon has arrived in Athens, and Luka is still looking for a mate. He’s brought his pack to the island of Santorini, seeking the last of the summer…and another woman to test. Until he has the right one, Luka must keep trying – and this time, he has his eye on Sophie.

Sophie has come to Santorini to photograph the sea life near the underwater volcano. Soft and serious, she has spent her life in love with her camera and the sea, looking for some kind of magic. In Luka, werewolf and Alpha, there’s more than a little of what she’s been looking for.

Now the only question is what will be left of her…after she gives in to Luka and his pack.

Sophie In September is available exclusively from Amazon, alone and as part of the Luka’s Pack box set!


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