First Christmas

First Christmas: Book six, and the final book of the Alpha & Omega series! Stelios and Niketas, Alpha and omega, are now mates. But Christmas is coming…

First Christmas series update cover

From the back cover: Niketas is looking forward to spending Christmas with his new mate, especially since Stelios seems to be as much in love with the holiday as with him. The trouble comes when it’s time to do his shopping. After all, what does one buy as a gift for a billionaire?

Stelios can have anything he wants, and usually does…so what’s an omega to do for a Christmas present? Niketas has nothing to give except himself.

Lucky for him, that’s just what Stelios wanted anyway.

First Christmas is available exclusively on Amazon, both alone and as a part of the Alpha & Omega box set!

A Totally Bound Bestseller

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