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Second Entry: The Fenghuang


fenghuang, bestiary 2

The Fenghuang flies the night like a falling star. Her cry is not more than the wind, but it is not less. It sings to those who hear it, those who are awake, those who are waiting for anything. It is the cry of the firefly, the cry of all bliss, the melody of the Queen of Birds. 

What sight is more beautiful than she? Knowing this, the eyes sting with tears. We see her once but not again – perhaps some other sky a hundred years from now will know her. When the omens are ripe. When the future gleams afresh with golden promise.

All grace, all fire, the breath of life in its most primal shape, she is still singing as she crosses the horizon, seeking the sun. 


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Image Credit: suwoh5

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First Entry: The Unicorn

the unicorn, bestiary 1


The unicorn is the stallion, the glade dark with greens, the glowing velvet of lush growth at its peak. The unicorn is fruit ripening on the bough and the scent of the wood, the musk of power.

He is alone, diamond chips his glinting eyes and his horn polished bone, the first spiral – nothing like any mortal material, nothing like the bone of any other life. Magic and dust, ash and fire twisted into breathing shape, he is the powers of the world given form

Then, a  stamping hoof. A flash of gold and the spark among the green, beautiful and deadly as the wildfire. He vanishes.

We’ll not see him again.


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Image Credit: Rubis Firenos

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